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Postby Dreamer » 23 Feb 2018 09:03
Thanks, everything works, but the playlist X button in window mode - attached playlist in top-right screen corner.
Postby D2NP » 23 Feb 2018 18:01
Ru -----------------

Я уже писал, в некоторых ситуациях будут отображаться панели( "рамка скина" размером в 1 пиксель), их нельзя убирать иначе нарушится построение скина. Скин так сформирован.
Невозможно наложить элементы одной панели на другую панель. Размещать элементы(кнопки) в этой(1px panel) панели не лучшее решее.

В общем..
Оконный режим + опция "Auto hide main skin ..." - просто скрывает скин, скин в этом режиме работает как в полноэкранном режиме. За исключением <Static панелей, панели в этом режиме по-прежнему отображаются в зависимости от команд (если они указаны). Скин-движок в принципе не имеет этого режима (Window mode + option "Auto hide main skin ...") , нвозможно редактировать скины отдельно под этот режим использования, не влияя на отображение скина в обычном режиме\полноэкранном режиме.
Так что этот режим использования предоставляется как есть.

Я попробую отправить запрос разработчику на добавление этого режима...

Eng -----------------

I already wrote, in some situations panels (a "skin frame" of the size of 1 pixel) will be displayed, they can not be removed otherwise the skins will be broken. Skin is so formed.
It is not possible to overlay elements of one panel on another panel. To place elements (buttons) in this (1px panel) panel is not the best solution.

Window mode + option "Auto hide main skin ..." - just hides the skin, the skin in this mode works like in full screen mode. Except for <Static panels, panels in this mode are still displayed depending on the commands (if they are specified). Skin-engine basically does not have this mode (Window mode + option "Auto hide main skin ..."), it is not possible to edit skins separately for this mode of use, without affecting the display of the skin in normal mode \ full-screen mode.
So this mode of use is provided as is.

I'll try to send a request to the developer to add this mode ...

Hopefully what I wrote is understandable .. Google Translate is not the best solution for explaining ..
Postby Dreamer » 24 Feb 2018 05:05
Thanks for the answer, it's clear for me. Just one question - how much broken would be the skin if it would be edited as I wish? It would look bad, or it would be completely broken / unusable?
Postby D2NP » 24 Feb 2018 06:25
i do not know
try to delete Include.VideoSkin.Frame.1.xml
Postby Dreamer » 24 Feb 2018 07:17
I tried to rename this file and I can't see any change.
Postby D2NP » 24 Feb 2018 10:04
i do not know
everything works as you wanted

maybe you move the cursor too fast in the corner
and the cursor switches to window stretching

try to move more slowly

this is a feature of the player.. I do not think it's possible to fix it through the skin..
Postby Dreamer » 24 Feb 2018 23:24
D2NP wrote:maybe you move the cursor too fast in the corner
and the cursor switches to window stretching

Thanks for the patience, I got it!

It's not about speed, when I don't touch the screen edge, it works! When I touch the upper or right edge of the screen, it doesn't work.

Anyway, when I touch the upper screen edge first and the title bar is shown, it works - even if the cursor switches to window stretching.

There's one difference, title bar is transparent, playlist is not transparent.


(Both screenshots are from window mode)

All in all, it's still better than before, just in one situation it doesn't work.

Could you change the skin fMod_GillyGlossy_1.0.2_ru_en the same as plashPot_DM_1.4.4_ru_en , please? At least that change when clicking in the top-right screen corner.
Postby D2NP » 08 Mar 2018 15:02
As I had expected, this is not a skin problem,
The edge of the window is the area of stretching
So use it as is.

Сan not be fixed. according to the dev
Postby Dreamer » 08 Apr 2018 17:28
D2NP - as I explained in the SplashPot topic (her)e already, I'd like that both my favorite skins would work the same, if possible, so could you change the behavior of the Preferences button in the DM mode so as without DM mode, please?

Change the Preferences button icon back to "Control panel" icon and left click to "Control panel", right click to "Preferences".
Postby D2NP » 09 Apr 2018 00:05
ok.. :?
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